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California Personal Injury Lawyer


Short Bio of Jeffrey Nadrich

When you want a professional, well-respected as well an an aggressive attorney contact Jeffrey Nadrich. He is fully committed to a the best possible outcome on your behalf, and on the behalf of your loved ones.

For over 25 years, the respected law firm of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP has helped thousands of injury victims in the state of California get the compensation they deserve.

Jeffrey Nadrich of the Law Offices of Nadrich & Associates specializes in all types of accident cases, personal injury, and wrongful death matters. His 14-person staff is well-qualified to research, investigate, and successfully litigate all claims. The firm promises that you will receive the best possible results in the quickest possible time.

What areas does the law firm of Nadrich & Cohen specialize in?

  • car accidents - the process isn't as easy as it sounds and most people rely on their insurance company to represent them. This is a common mistake and it could cost you not only money but the quality of life you are used to.
  • defective products - have you, or someone you care about been injured due to a product defect? We can help.
  • personal injury claims - we can advise you on the best course of action regarding your injury. Having the proper representation will not only get you the judgment you are seeking, but it will greatly reduce your stress so you can focus on your recovery instead of the legal matters.
  • trial lawyers - in the event your case goes to trial, we have the top trail lawyers available to get you that outcome you deserve. No one fights for you harder than Nadrich & Cohen.
  • insurance companies - they are often tricky to deal with, but our experience and fortitude will cut through the red tape and get you a settlement fast and with fewer headaches than if you chose another firm.

When your loved one has been tragically injured or killed in some type of accident, seeking out an aggressive and qualified attorney is the only course of action which makes sense.

With several decades of professional experience, the Law Offices of Nadrich & Associates are available to help you make the wrong you have suffered right.

They handle cases which involve an auto accident, premise and products liability, or a workplace injury. In addition, they handle the denial of insurance claims as well.


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What Others Say


Jeff is a thoughtful and smart strategist and litigator. He is also well connected in the LA legal community and familiar with the labyrinth of procedures and delays that you'll face should your claim go to arbitration.


After suffering an accident when an SUV cut into my bike lane, I looked through reviews for capable attorneys in Los Angeles country to help get compensation for the loss of work time as a result of my injury. Jeffrey Nadrich was compassionate, professional, timely and effective. I would 100% recommend Mr. Nadrich


Jeffrey was recommended to me by a neighbor. I really appreciate his honesty. He kept his costs low which is what I was probably most fearful about in hiring a lawyer. I have already recommended him to a friend.

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